Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunset in Gilleleje

Fisherman in the sunset, Gilleleje, Denmark

In search for a nice beach place were you can admire the sunset in the Sjælland? Gilleleje could be a very good choice. Located as the most northern point of the island, you just need to walk a little bit in the west on the rocky beach to have a great observation point.

Sunset in Gilleleje

The small city, with around 6 thousands inhabitants was a permanent residence for the fishermen (leje means the place were the fisherman come to fish) since 16th century. There are many other places ended in leje, dating from the settlement of the fishermen.
Gilleleje became quite prosperous, building a church, hiring a priest and attracting the attention of the vassal of Kronborg, who asked them to pay some taxes consisting in barrels of cod. At that period the number of citizens could be estimated to around 500. The fishermen had hard times because of the shifting sand that was burring their boats, nets and even houses. In 1873, a real harbour was built. Now, in a top of the largest comercial fishing harbours in Denmark, this Gilleleje harbour can be placed on the 5th position.
You can get to Gillelje by taking a private train from either Hillerød or Helsingør. Privatebane 940R connects Hillerød and Helsingør passing through Gilleleje.

For more information about this small beautiful place, you can visit the official website of the city:

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  1. a hammock and a lemonade is all you need for this place :)