Friday, May 6, 2011

Buskers in Copenhagen

Buskers or street performers are the people who perform in public different artistic activities in exchange of small amounts of money or just for fun.
You can find them everywhere doing almost anything that can be considered entertaining by the auditors. Sometime you like them, sometimes you don't.

I personally always stop for a moment in front of those, trying to see what they can offer. Some of them are really talented, some of them are trying hard, but all are struggling to make the life more pleasant and the street more vibrant. They bring colors and sounds, they are just modern troubadours that tell the story of their time.

Many well known artists were busking from time to time, some of them undercover like Sting and Bon Jovi. Benjamin Franklin was a busker; he was writing and singing songs about the events of his time, playing them in public.

23 years after Bruce Springsteen filmed a famous set of videos while busking in Copenhagen, people like Frederik Konradsen , Soluna Samay, Stilbruch and many others are keeping this spirit going. One can admire them in different pedestrian areas of Copenhagen including Amagertorv, Stroget, Christianhavn or Nyhavn. Just stop for a second, watch them and give them a coin.

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