Sunday, May 8, 2011

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo, located in the municipality of Frederiksberg, is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe, being founded by the ornithologist Niels Kjærbølling in 1859. It is famous for its care for the endangered species and for its breeding programmes.

In the early years the zoo was trying to show as many animals as possible, starting initially with birds ( chickens, ducks, eagles and owls), rabbits, a fox, a seal in a bathtub and a turtle. Later on, the multitude of species was not the main target, having enough space for each animal being more important. An interesting guest of the garden over the history is a slow worm lizard who lived 54 years in captivity (from 1892 to 1946), a real record for its kind.

Today, the Zoo proudly presents a new built Elephant House, with its two glass domes, designed by Sir Norman Foster (the world-famous British architect ) and 1.5 hectares of Savanna that tries to recreate the natural environement for zebras, giraffes and many other animals. Copenhagen Zoo is the only zoological non-Australian garden having Tazmanian Devils in captivity. Other interesting animals are various monkeys, red panda, lion, polar bear and snow leopard.
Copenhagen Zoo has over 1 million visitors in 2008 and is the 4th biggest attraction in Denmark. In the next few years, the garden is building a huge ecosystem for the polar animals.

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