Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frederiskborg Castle

Frederiksborg castle, located in Hillerød in the middle of lake Slotsø (the palace lake) is probably the most beautiful castle in the Copenhagen area. It's grandious appearance in the middle of the water, it's beautiful gardens and it's royal history makes Frederiksborg unique.

It is the biggest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia . The construction started in 1560 during Frederik II reign (who also gave the name of the castle ) . Christian IV continued the erection of Frederiksborg between 1602-1620 using Dutch style impregnated by the architects Hans and Lorenz van Steenwinckel (he will also embrace the dutch model by using Amsterdam as inspiration when designing Christianshavn) . The castle was the residence of Christian IV for a while, however after his death in 1648, it was used exclusively for different royal events, including crowning of different kings and queens like Christian V, VI and VII or Frederik IV, V, and VI and their consorts. The Great Northern War between Sweden and Denmark-Norway was ended up with a treaty signed here.

The Palace Church with it's nice interior design and decorations, hosted for many years two important Danish Orders: Order of the Elephant, the highest in Denmark that includes the heads of the monarchy and Order of Dannborg. The Coats-of-arms of the two orders are displayed on the walls of the church.

During the years, the castle collected lots of art-works, including portraits of kings and queens and historical paintings. It started to be considered a national monument, part of the Danish patrimony. In 1859, a large parte of the interior was destroyed by fire, being necessary a public subscription to reconstruct it. One of the people who contributed a large amount of money was JC Jacobsen, the founder on Carlsberg Brewery who also helped in establishing the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg Castle. In present days, the palace is still museum, and can be visited by any visitor of Copenhagen. The church, even used as local church, can be visited as well as part of museum tour.

You can easily reach Hillerod by S-train E and you can have a wonderful experience walking around the lake, admiring the gardens and of course, stepping into the history of Denmark by visiting the castle.
The official website of Frederisksborg castle is
Frederiksborg Slot

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