Sunday, June 26, 2011

Copenhagen Pro 2011

10 Days of skateboard madness this is what they called CPH Skate PRO on their official website. And it was true. For someone not into this phenomenon, it was a very nice experience of seing wonderful skateboard moves and tricks, people that just defy the gravity most of the time with absolutely no protection equipment.

We assisted to the PRO jam sessions on Friday evening, pure vert skateboarding, probably the most exciting part of the tournament. A great selection of classics from the Tony Hawk period, having more than 30 years of actively skateboarding and young guns, the leads of the new generation, culminating with Curren Caples, at the age of only 15. What is the vert skateboarding? Its a type of skateboarding involving a vertical ramp (a bit bigger than a halfpipe), were skateboarders can perform various grab or lip tricks that cannot be done in other skateboarding environments.

Always wearing a helmet and protection for knees and elbows, the veterans Chris Miller and Nicky Guerrero are impressive by their clean style. Chris is a 43 old skateboarder from California. He started skateboarding in 1979, became pro in the mids of 1980 at the age of 18. Since then, he is a constant performer in vertical skateboarding while running his own company, Planet Earth. Nicky Guerrero, the first ever Danish pro skateboarder, having the same age as Chris started to do serious skateboarding in Denmark at Herlev Skating Club. At his very top of his career, he was training the winters in US and competing the summer in Europe. His very cautios style made him getting only few injuries during his career, however he is very spectacular and always an inspiration for the young Danish skateboarders.

The young magicians of the ramp were showing a slightly different outfit. Large pants and t-shirts, hats having the brand of their sponsors, they showed a lot of energy and desire to make it spectaculars for the audience. Pedro Barros from Brasil, although only 16, was really impressiveby his amazing speed. He started skating at 2 and is now one of the big names coming in the game, by winning many contests in the recent years. Daniel Cardone, from Bologna, is one of the really competitive europeans skateboarders, in a world dominated by Americans. His style is always : Danger, he takes all the risks and even if he preffers more to party rather than training, he still gets his share of winning competitions.

The winner of the day, Raven Tershy, from California, although even an amateur, managed to perform really well against all those PROs, impressing the danish crowd and showing that he is really on fire. Overal it was fun. No accident, a bit of rain, waves of alchohol, many happy people enjoying a quality show. And some of the best skateboarders in the world.

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