Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From Che Guevara to another beer - graduation time

The school in Denmark is over. After a very rigorous examination, the gymnasium is completed, settling more or less the future life of the students. So it is again that period of the year when you see young people, wearing for the whole week their sailor like caps, called Studenterhue. The cap is decorated with a colored band, representing the field of study. They all look happy to finish an important stage of their life and to start a new one. But the new one can wait. Its party time!

And the Danish students celebrate the graduation in a very unique way. The next weekend after school ends they are marching through the city in a special decorated truck accompanied by the sounds of horns and whistles. The lorrys are decorated with banners (including class name or different messages), balloons, tree branches. Sometimes the anarchic spirit of the kids reveals, so you can see banners with "Fuck the system!" or the picture of Che Guevara, the famous south american revolutioner. But what is common to all of them is the loud music, the dance, the large quantity of beer and other alcoholic drinks and the joy of the participants. They shout all day long, cheer the people, posing for photos. Is that day of their life when they own the whole world.

Walking around Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv during the graduation weekend, shows the patterns of a ritual. Lorry after lorry, they stop in square, all the kids getting off the truck and pouncing to the equestrian statue of Christian V. After the assault, the ritual is object of the imagination of each group. Some try to climb on the horse, other will pee on the grass or pour some champagne into the mouth of their colleagues. Most of them will just try to have a picture sitting on the plinth. After this, the lorry is continuing its way through the city and a new group is coming to honour the memory of Christian V.

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  1. Asa as fi vrut si eu sa petrec. Mi-e dor de Danemarca. Locuiesti acolo cumva? Vad ca ai multe fotografii frumoase de acolo.