Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life of a bicycle

It all starts when I was small. I colourful bicycle for a small kid, waiting inpatient in the inner yard for my user to come and take me for a ride. I am full of scratches and mud as my small owner does not really care too much. But I like it.
The years are passing and my owner is now a tall and stong guy who likes riding me on his way to work. I still spend the night in the inner yard, but the day is the subject of gossips in the station parking. Its a lot more fun.

Now I have a kid! I am soooo happy! I am doing my best to protect my small piece of metal. And now I just need to find a small kid to play with my baby.
I just heard about cryogenic conservation. Its such a cool idea. I can sit and wait to the future, when people will be smart enough to use only bikes!

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