Sunday, July 31, 2011


Nyhavn is the iconic landmark of Copenhagen, a marvellous place that you will find on almost all postcards that you can buy from Danish capital. Nyhavn may also be considered "the longest outdoor bar in Scandinavia", the place were the beer tastes better.

Nyhavn was constructed at the end of 17th century by King Christian V, using as workers some Swedish prisoners from the Dano-Swedish War. The king wished to have an accessible gateway to the sea from the inner city. Like any harbour, Nyhavn became famous for prostitution and beer. As the ships became bigger, Nyhavn was not used anymore for its initial purpose. Since 1977, it was transformed into a museum of old ships, some of them belonging to Danish National Museum.

Nyhavn has a charming atmosphere due to the colourful brick houses. The place is always crowded; before the important matches, the Danish supporters (and sometimes the visitors if we are talking about the neighbours from Sweden) are warming up in one of the numerous pubs in the area. The most famous personality who used to live here was Hans Christian Andersen, who occupied the house at number 18.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Special guest: Farbspiel

Basilica St. Martin - Weingarten, Germany (HDR Vertorama)

One of our favorite HDR artists in flickr world is the German photographer Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel). When you first look at his images, you are impressed by the high fidelity rendered his photographs and the perfection of his processing workflow. More than this, he is not hiding the secrets of his technique, but offering them, step by step on his blog. He is a truely master of the vertoramas (vertical panoramas) where he captures the full dimension of a scene like the interior of a high cathedral. The detail are always excellent, you almost see every centimeter of a wall or a ceiling, nothing is lost in the process, every highlight and shadow is there. The colors are perfect as well, the results of a huge Photoshop work. He is a great contributor to the photography community by the great quality of his work and also a mentor to everyone who wants to master the HDR processing techniques. Please admire a selection of his best images; it was a tough job as almost all Klaus' pictures are 'best'. You can find more on his flickr photostream.

The Marble Hall - Ludwigsburg, Germany (HDR)

200,000 Views - Thanks!!!

The Cloister - Monreale Abbey, Italy (HDR) [Explored]

My 1st flickr Birthday - Milestone Stats!

Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz - Berlin, Germany (Vertorama, HDR)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lights in Tivoli

We bought a yearly ticket to Tivoli. So from now on, you will see quite often posts about this famous attraction park. The yearly ticket gives unlimited access during the summer time and special theme periods for Halloween and Christmas. We used it already 2 times. If the rain would allow us, we will be there more often, like today for the legendary Roxette concert (not big fans but its a legend of Scandinavian music). So to come back to Tivoli, the park is most beautiful during evening time as you can see plenty of colorful lights. Tivoli has its own charm at sunset when the natural light fades out and the artificial ones takes it place. Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, there is a lightshow (Tivoli Illuminationer), a sensorial entertainment with music, water, smoke, fire and laser light that dance on the Tivoli pond.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special guest: DMac 5D Mark II

Childhood memories

Today guest is coming from far Korea. He is Douglas MacDonald, born in Canada but currently living in Jeju Island in South Korea where he documents the local life and landscapes, contributing for Jeju Weekly. From his photostream we choose a selection of brilliant captures of Korean people in various moments of their life. He is really great in capturing the moment, his portraits are very powerful and express the feelings and mood of the character, no meter it is the innocence of a child, the satisfaction of an achievement or the tiredness of a hard work day. Sparkles in the eyes, strong expression, intense looks or local specificity, you will find all of them in Douglas' wonderful portraits. We invite you to admire the daily life of Koreans through Douglas' images.


Outdoor market series: Steamed


A Cold Night

Monday, July 18, 2011

Google is sharpening their new child: Google +

"Google +" is the new flavor of the socializing networks. As Google didn't have a product to compete with Facebook and the others already established in the market, they developed from the scratch Google +, a brand new toy for the internet users from around the word. The interesting thing about it is the ability to organize your contacts in circles, move contacts from one circle to another and they will have no clue in which one you have placed them. When you post something, you can chose which of your Circles can see it. For the moment, Google + is invite only. Lets welcome Google + and hope it will bring a fresh look in this saturated market.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Special guest: 29dreamcatcher29


Our today guest is Viorica Maghetiu( 29dreamcatcher29 on flickr), living in Kitchener Ontario, Canada. She impresses by the talent of transforming flower shots into real masterpieces. No meter she is playing with the contrast and light or applying textures she is always finding the right solution for each image. A great artist with a clear style on flickr, her photostream is always a pleasure to look at. From a multitude of wonderful images, we had to chose only five for this post.

Happy Pink

Morning light 1

Red Velvet1

The white clematis

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day in the nature

Summer is a wonderful season. A real show of the nature. Flower and insects all over the place. Copenhagen might look like a combination of North Pole and India in the rainy season, but still has its beautiful days, when you don;t wish anything else but walking in the forest, watching flowers or buterflies and listen to the sound of birds. You can start to dream about the Eden. But you will be waked up by the thunders. The rain is coming again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dannebrog - Flag of Denmark

The flag of Denmark might look like a dry subject. What might be interesting in a red flag with the white Scandinavian cross on it, very similar in terms of shape with all the other nordic countries flags? You will be surprised, it is the oldest flag in the world that is still used by an independent country. And looking back in history for its origin you can find a lot of legends, many theories and the fog of the years that passed and eroded the material evidences.

The legend says that Dannebrog fell from the heaven, turning a fight that Danish army was almost loosing into a spectacular victory. No meter it was Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219, Fellin (Viljandi) in 1208 or a campaign in Russia, the symbol of the flag given by God himself to the Danish king Valdemar II makes a great romantic legend. And as result, a superstition states that the flag should never touch the ground due to its celestial origin. Some historians are suggesting a more credible explanation: the flag was given by the Christian church to either the king or the Archbishop Andreas Sunesøn to be used in the Crusades in an attempt to strength the power of Christianity by using the cross symbol. A final theory would link the Danneborg to the Knights Hospitaller who came in Denmark in 12th century, spreading to the major cities and making their banner the symbol of Danish army.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cope n 'Waken - Cable wakeboarding on Copenhagen lakes

In the middle of Copenhagen, on the Peblinge lake (one of the 5 lakes built as defence lines for the Copenhagen center), Red Bull organized a cool event: Cope n 'Waken: a competition of cable wakeboarding. The 180m cable pull the riders with about 40km/h, while they are doing different tricks using the ramps placed along the cable path. The downside of this competiton was the huge amount of algae existent in the lake, that were making the live miserable for the riders that were loosing the cable and falling into the water.

Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport, a mixture between water skiing, snow boarding and surfing. It consists in a rider, using a board and a pair of boots, towed behind a boat or by closed-course cables, winches or trucks. During his race, the rider is performing various tricks, using rails and ramps. The tricks are usually 180 or 360 degress front or backrolls, heelside raleys or flips. For a non-experience spectator, they might look very similar but we assure you, there are many classified tricks.

The sport apeared during the 80s, encouraged by the success of snowboarding. The scotish extreme sports pro Lochlan Snowie made the first boards for the usage of his friends in Queensland, Australia. Later in the 90s, various version of the boards were created, the sport becoming more popular due to various shows. Wakeboarding was added on the list of extreme action sports (X Games). The sport is governed by two major organizations: World Wakeboard Association (WWA) and International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). The last of them is trying to promote cable wakeboarding all around the world, by organizing competetions and establishing the Cable Wakeboard World Rules.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sunny evening walk at Svanemøllen Marina

The other day, before the heavy rain that hit Copenhagen with tremendous power, we had two wonderful days, with sun and temperatures over 25. Don't laugh this is not something very often for Copenhagen even in July. So we took the opportunity for an evening walk at the Svanemøllen Marina, the most northerly in the port of Copenhagen. It is not something that one would include in the mandatory list of landmarks of Copenhagen, but is quite nice and very close to our place, so very convenient for a short walk. The sun was rewarding us with a beautiful golden light and we didn't hesitate to enrich our Svanemøllen Marina photo collections with some new summer shots.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TVs do grow in trees in Copenhagen

The TVs do grows in trees.Only in Copenhagen. And they scream for attention as people prefer to spend their life in outside, doing sport or enjoying the nature. If you love this way of living, Copenhagen is the right place. You will not save the TV but you will live a healthier life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heavy rain in Copenhagen

Last evening, Copenhagen was hit by extremely heavy rain with powerful wind and thunders. It looked like the heaven has been broken and the water was pouring freely from an endless shower. It took about 2 hours, but the effects were important: we had no internet and TV cable for about 18 hours, but more important the whole traffic was disrupted. The train lines were looking like swimming pools full with dirty water, bunches of people were either waiting in their cars in long queues or heading to the very crowded buses. Its obvious that the nature is still more powerful than the mankind; it can easily mess up the life of a very organized city.