Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cope n 'Waken - Cable wakeboarding on Copenhagen lakes

In the middle of Copenhagen, on the Peblinge lake (one of the 5 lakes built as defence lines for the Copenhagen center), Red Bull organized a cool event: Cope n 'Waken: a competition of cable wakeboarding. The 180m cable pull the riders with about 40km/h, while they are doing different tricks using the ramps placed along the cable path. The downside of this competiton was the huge amount of algae existent in the lake, that were making the live miserable for the riders that were loosing the cable and falling into the water.

Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport, a mixture between water skiing, snow boarding and surfing. It consists in a rider, using a board and a pair of boots, towed behind a boat or by closed-course cables, winches or trucks. During his race, the rider is performing various tricks, using rails and ramps. The tricks are usually 180 or 360 degress front or backrolls, heelside raleys or flips. For a non-experience spectator, they might look very similar but we assure you, there are many classified tricks.

The sport apeared during the 80s, encouraged by the success of snowboarding. The scotish extreme sports pro Lochlan Snowie made the first boards for the usage of his friends in Queensland, Australia. Later in the 90s, various version of the boards were created, the sport becoming more popular due to various shows. Wakeboarding was added on the list of extreme action sports (X Games). The sport is governed by two major organizations: World Wakeboard Association (WWA) and International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). The last of them is trying to promote cable wakeboarding all around the world, by organizing competetions and establishing the Cable Wakeboard World Rules.

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