Sunday, July 31, 2011


Nyhavn is the iconic landmark of Copenhagen, a marvellous place that you will find on almost all postcards that you can buy from Danish capital. Nyhavn may also be considered "the longest outdoor bar in Scandinavia", the place were the beer tastes better.

Nyhavn was constructed at the end of 17th century by King Christian V, using as workers some Swedish prisoners from the Dano-Swedish War. The king wished to have an accessible gateway to the sea from the inner city. Like any harbour, Nyhavn became famous for prostitution and beer. As the ships became bigger, Nyhavn was not used anymore for its initial purpose. Since 1977, it was transformed into a museum of old ships, some of them belonging to Danish National Museum.

Nyhavn has a charming atmosphere due to the colourful brick houses. The place is always crowded; before the important matches, the Danish supporters (and sometimes the visitors if we are talking about the neighbours from Sweden) are warming up in one of the numerous pubs in the area. The most famous personality who used to live here was Hans Christian Andersen, who occupied the house at number 18.

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  1. Looks a lovely place! You have some postcard shots of Nyhavn yourself!