Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special guest: DMac 5D Mark II

Childhood memories

Today guest is coming from far Korea. He is Douglas MacDonald, born in Canada but currently living in Jeju Island in South Korea where he documents the local life and landscapes, contributing for Jeju Weekly. From his photostream we choose a selection of brilliant captures of Korean people in various moments of their life. He is really great in capturing the moment, his portraits are very powerful and express the feelings and mood of the character, no meter it is the innocence of a child, the satisfaction of an achievement or the tiredness of a hard work day. Sparkles in the eyes, strong expression, intense looks or local specificity, you will find all of them in Douglas' wonderful portraits. We invite you to admire the daily life of Koreans through Douglas' images.


Outdoor market series: Steamed


A Cold Night


  1. Looks great! Thanks very much for doing a post on me.

  2. Great shots lots of nice expressions and details that really capture the rich culture that exists there.