Monday, July 25, 2011

Special guest: Farbspiel

Basilica St. Martin - Weingarten, Germany (HDR Vertorama)

One of our favorite HDR artists in flickr world is the German photographer Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel). When you first look at his images, you are impressed by the high fidelity rendered his photographs and the perfection of his processing workflow. More than this, he is not hiding the secrets of his technique, but offering them, step by step on his blog. He is a truely master of the vertoramas (vertical panoramas) where he captures the full dimension of a scene like the interior of a high cathedral. The detail are always excellent, you almost see every centimeter of a wall or a ceiling, nothing is lost in the process, every highlight and shadow is there. The colors are perfect as well, the results of a huge Photoshop work. He is a great contributor to the photography community by the great quality of his work and also a mentor to everyone who wants to master the HDR processing techniques. Please admire a selection of his best images; it was a tough job as almost all Klaus' pictures are 'best'. You can find more on his flickr photostream.

The Marble Hall - Ludwigsburg, Germany (HDR)

200,000 Views - Thanks!!!

The Cloister - Monreale Abbey, Italy (HDR) [Explored]

My 1st flickr Birthday - Milestone Stats!

Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz - Berlin, Germany (Vertorama, HDR)


  1. Awesome pictures Dragos! I love Photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have him as a contact on Flickr. He is a great photographer for sure! Love his work and his site.