Thursday, August 4, 2011

136 years since Hans Christian Andersen's death

Today is August 4th, the day when Hans Christian Andersen died 136 yeard ago. H. C. Andersen, the famous Danish fairy tale writer well known for his child stories like "The Little Mermaid", "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", "The Little Match Girl" or "The Ugly Duckling" brought a lot of joy to the kids from around the world. Walking on the streets of Malaga in May this year, we were surprised to see a statue of him, created by the Spanish artist José María Córdoba, placed right in the center of the city.
The sculpture was inaugurated by Princess Benedikte of Denmark in 2005 on the celebration of 200 anniversary of H.C. Andersen's birth. Andersen visited Malaga in 1862 where he felt really happy and comfortable as he mentioned in his book "In Spain". The similar statue in Copenhagen is well known by the tourists that love to have a souvenir picture sitting on the laps of Danish story teller. As proof, the knees of the statue are extremely shiny.
There are several other statues of famous H. C. Andersen in the world. In United States we can find one in New York and another one in Solvang, California. The one from New York is located in Central Park and it is named: Hans Christian Andersen and "The Ugly Duckling".
In Bratislava (Slovakia) there is another statue of Danish author. Andersen visited Bratislava in 1841, a city full of vivid colours which welcomed H. C. Andersen warmly. He was impressed by the beauty of this town and its people and he saw Bratislava as a fairy tale city. After this visit he wrote two of his most famous fairy tales: “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Little Match Girl”. And of course, the city where he was born, Odense have some statues of him, the one bellow being placed in the memorial house.

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