Saturday, August 20, 2011

Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride - Candy Man

The Pride concept is that people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The Pride movement has its origins in America where gay population was persecuted by the police. The whole thing started in New York, in the bar Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street where in 1969 the gay people fought back NYPD making a statement about their sexuality; this moment was later celebrated in US and many other countries.

Copenhagen Pride -

In Copenhagen, the first Pride was organized in 1996, when Danish capital was the European Capital of Culture. That year Copenhagen received the honour to organize the Europride. Since then, the event took place every year, having different names like Mermaid Pride or Copenhagen Pride.

Copenhagen Pride - It's not striptease

Copenhagen Pride - Mr Beer

Copenhagen Pride - Give me my lipstick back, girl!

Copenhagen Pride - Recycle lady

Copenhagen Pride - Serious

Copenhagen Pride - Let's rideeee

Copenhagen Pride - Christiania defenders

Copenhagen Pride - Navy Girl

Copenhagen Pride - Pinky

Copenhagen Pride - Parrot outfit

Copenhagen Pride - Gay Mermaid

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  1. Some great shots there Dragos! What a great event to get some interesting people shots. Very colourful.