Sunday, August 7, 2011

Google + photographers: a list of lists

We wrote some time ago about Google +, the new kid in the social networking world. Google plus seems to keep growing and is a great attraction at least for photographers. It is probably one of the biggest photographic community in the social media, every day new lists of photographers being collected and the existing lists getting more and more interesting profiles.

Here are some of the most interesting lists:

Lets start with the list compiled by Jim Goldstein in Digital Photography School: 60 Google+ Photographers to Inspire You
Then we can see a top 104 photographers( why 104? ) : Top 104 Amazing Photographers to Circle on Google +
Trey Ratcliff, compiled a list containing no less then 1500 photographers:
Trey Ratcliff Google + photographers
If you like HDR photography and want to find some experts in the area: HDR Photographers on Google+
Brian Krassenstein has his own list 51 of the Best Photographers on Google+ (again why 51?)
A huge spreadsheet collects more than 2000 photographers: Google + Photographers. You can add yourself into it using this form.
There is also an website that recommends Google Plus users. For photographers, it contains a nice selection, split by their style List of Recommended Photographers to Follow on Google+
We will end with a very comprehensive list of Google + photographers, ordered by the number of people they include them in their circles: Top Google + photographer

You can find us on Google plus:


  1. Wow! What a great informative post, you two! And things look wonderful over here! I would love to know how to add the social network buttons you have on the top right toolbar. Can you pm me how to do that? I would SO appreciate it. Also, the share and enjoy buttons underneath each post.
    I'm so thankful for that list. I still haven't quite figured out how to use Google+ and need to take a bit more time. Thanks so much for putting these lists all in one place!

  2. Thanks for the info on G+ guys. Thanks to your invite I am having a blast on there. Great resource for photographers!