Monday, August 1, 2011

Peter Jones and The Lazy Bandits

It is not a famous bands that just blew up the tops of MTV. It is our favorite busking band in Copenhagen, a band that plays almost every day in the pedestrian area around Stroget.
The band members are:
Peter Jones (guitar, lead vocals and composer)
Tam Lawrence (tea-box base-drum, backing vocals)
Rasmus Stærke Voigt (solo guitar, backing vocals)
Gian Paolo Pastor (percussion, vocals, guitar)

An interesting mixture of different nationalities and different carriers. Peter Jones is having over 20 years of experience of singing in the streets and composed many songs in this period. He is proud to play only his own songs, no covers! Tam Lawrence has also played 15 years on and off the streets. Rasmus Stærke Voigt just switched to a "full time" busker in early 2009. Gian Paolo Pastor , coming from Italy was settled in Copenhagen being impressed by the large number of street artists in Danish capital. He started to play with the Lazy Bandits in 2009 and became an integral part of the band. According to their website: "The music is a mixture of blues, folk and acoustic rock and it’s the feeling, the strong melodies, the sheer joy of playing the music and the meaningful lyrics which give this street band its unique and special character."

If you want to see them, walk around the pedestrian area on Copenhagen in the weekends at noon and you will have the chance to hear the very nice songs like "When The River Runs Dry" or “We Had Our Laughs Anyway”. Or to buy one of their CDs (we bought one yesterday :-))

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