Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tallinn - The Old City part II

Tallinn - Bar on the St. Catherine's Passage
Bar on the St. Catherine's Passage

The history of Tallinn shows us different military powers holding the city due to its strategic point between Russia and Scandinavia and less then 50 years of independence. It was firstly mentioned in 1154 as Qalaven by cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi who called it: "a small town like a large castle". A quite similar name can be found in slavic writings: Kolyvan , name probably coming from the mythical hero Kalev. The Scandinavian where calling it Lindanisa during the Danish rule of Tallinn in 13th century. This name is actually coming from Linda, the name of the wife of Kalev who is supposed to be buried under Toompea hill. Later both Danes and the Teutonic Knights (who bought it from the Danes) called the city Reval. The city became a part of the Hanseatic League, an economical and military alliance of German dominated cities. In 1561 the owner has been changed again, becoming a dominion of Sweden. After Great Northern War, Tallinn became a part of Imperial Russia in 1710 and stayed like this for more than 2 centuries, until the country became independent in 1920. The modern name Tallinn, was adopted during this independence period; it seems to mean "Taani-linn(a)" ("Danish-castle/town"). The independence lasted only 20 years as in World War II Russians and Germans succeeded to occupy the city, the final outcome being an annexation to the mighty Soviet Republic. In 1991, the Tallinn was once again the capital of an independent country, the Republic of Estonia.

Tallinn - Painted clock on the Holy Spirit Church façade
Painted clock on the Holy Spirit Church façade

Tallinn - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Tallinn - On the city wall
On the city wall

Tallinn - Lühike jalg street
Lühike jalg street

Tallinn - City Wall
City Wall

Tallinn - Estonian Corsair girls
Estonian Corsair girls

Tallinn - Restaurant on Vene Street
Restaurant on Vene Street

Tallinn - view from the city wall
View from the city wall

Tallinn - Old Tower and St. Nicholas´ Church in background
Old Tower and St. Nicholas´ Church in background

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