Thursday, October 13, 2011

New York - the other side

In front of the hotel

This is another side of my recent experience in New York. The Big Apple can be rotten in some places. The images from this post are taken on 39th street, were the hotel was located. Will not mention its name, will just say that it was located between a male strip club and a Mexican restaurant and that it managed to surprise me big time: a morning without water. The rest of the features will shade in front of the smile on the face of the guy at the reception, when telling me: we are sorry, there is no pressure in the pipe, so you have to stink the whole day. Or the girl who was so kind to provide me the phone number of their internet provider to sort out the wireless problem.

39th street flavours

Half a block to the East, this wonderful dumpster was welcoming the tourists in the area. I surprised the thrash trying to escape in the middle of the night. The garbage has its own soul in New York. And it is a lot.
What are your experiences visiting New York?

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  1. Unfortunately, the same thing happens here in Istanbul too with the trash. I hope you still managed to enjoy NYC. I miss the wide variety of food! Oh, and pizza! =)