Monday, October 10, 2011

Statues at Langelinie, Copenhagen

The GM Little Mermaid (Den Genmodificerede lille havfrue)
"The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid" / "Den Genmodificerede lille havfrue"

Beside "Little Mermaid", the most famous and popular attraction in the city of Copenhagen, there are many others beautiful sculptures not very well known by the tourists. In our today's post we will show you three photos with less famous statues.

"The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid"/Den Genmodificerede lille havfrue" was made in bronz by the sculptor Bjorn Norgaard as a part of a larger group of sculptures, "The Genetically Modified Paradise"/"Det genmodificerede Paradis". This group was specially created for the Danish pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. As location, it can be easily found on the Pakhuskaj, a parallel street with Langelinie Allé.

Another beautiful sculpture in the area of Langelinie is the "Polar bear with cubs" as a landmark of Greenland. It was made in bronz by the Danish sculptor Holger Wederkinch and was awarded with gold medal in 1929 in Paris. The polar bear has some bullet holes at the head, made by a German soldier under the Occupation of Denmark.

Polar Bear statue, Langelinie
"Polar bear with Cubs" / "Isbjørn med unger", Langelinie

Next to the "Polar bear with Cubs", between the real "little mermaid" statue and "GM little mermaid" is another sculpture of a modern and "not so little" mermaid. We don't know the name of this statue nor of its creator, so we will only show you the photo and let you to admire the statue.

Little Mermaid statue, Langelinie - Copenhagen
Another "Little Mermaid" in Copenhagen

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  1. Cracking set of images! That Polar bear one has an amazing background sky. Top stuff mate!