Monday, April 9, 2012

Long exposure shooting session at Tisvideleje

Last evening we went to a totally new place in north of Sjælland: Tisvideleje. The purpose was to shoot some sunset, due to very good positioning of this small city. However the sun was a bit covered in clouds, still getting some nice orange tones. Planning just one hour between the trains also made it a bit difficult, having to shoot really fast.
Finding the beach, we realized it is quite good for long exposure shots, so we inaugurated the new ND fader : LCW MkII 1-8 stops. After reading raving reviews on the internet and being recommended by some long exposure experts on Flickr, we got it from Amazon for about 120 Eur. So yesterday, with the camera on tripod and apertures between F10 and F20, we started to use this black glass. Three lessons to learn:
- keep the sensor clean, otherwise f20 will reveal all your dirty little secrets
- camera cannot always focus when the dark glass is on (at least at its max). Hence a lot of lets call, not so sharp images when we copied everything into the laptop. Hmm, it might be also the sand that, when getting very wet, was sinking the legs of the tripod
- wear water proof shoes. know...nobody likes wet feet. Goofy looking rubber boots would help a lot.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and these 3 images in this post were the best outcome of the first long exposure experience. Looking forward for more ( why not next weekend in Stockholm if the weather is fine - lets cross the fingers).

Follow your way into the purple mist

Stones spread into the water

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