Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stepping on the light and Andreas Gursky

Stepping on the light

The today image is one that we like very much from, our recent trip to Stockholm. The light and darkness blend in a harsh way, giving a contrast that indicated a obvious B&W conversion, in low key.
On another note, yesterday we visited the Andreas Gursky exhibition in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Andreas Gursky is the German photographer that sold recently a quite mundane image of Rhine with 4.3 mil. $ (I am not questioning the price, I would just like to see how a similar image of a not so known photographer would behave in an auction ). What is so special about Gursky is that his large 3m high prints are able to display a huge amount of details. A blending of a large format camera doubled by titanic post processing work is rendering details that make the eye disoriented but also very curious to absorb the amount of information. We will not spoil the joy of seeing the exhibition yourself with more comments.

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