Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stockholm - a foggy B&W perception

Vasabron in a foggy evening

Last weekend we visited Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and as the Swedes are bragging, the capital of Scandinavia (you will get an angry look if you ask a Dane).
We arrived Friday morning on Arlanda airport in the middle of a moody weather. And in the next 4 days we got a bit of everything: rain, snow, sun and fog. Cool isn't it?
Soon you will gonna see all those faces of Stockholm in our pictures, coz we took a lot (over a thousand). After the first sorting and crap cleaning, they are a bit more then 500, but we will cut down even more later this week.

Royal Palace and the Parliament

First of all, an advice: if you visit Stockholm and the weather is not on your side, buy a Stockholm Card: you will get free transportation and entrance to the major sightseeing and museums in the city (and the chance to stay dry when its pouring outside). Second, bring waterproof shoes and some plastic protection for the camera gear. We didn't have so we had to cross the city to buy some socket like plastic cover so the humidity can stay away of the camera. We are not telling you too much about the city itself in this post, more will come later.

Revealing Stadshuset

For this post, we chose four images from a foggy evening. We went out to shoot a sunset (I swear it was sunny when we left the hotel) and we ended up shooting the heart of the city covered by fog. And since B&W goes hand in hand with such a mood, we used Topaz B&W for some pretty straight forward monochrome conversion.

Fishing in the main channel

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