Friday, April 6, 2012

Lonely boat - Waiting for you

Move the mouse over the image to see the before (normal exposure)

Today we are starting a new way of posting some of the images on our blog. It is a before and after way of showing the work that we did in post processing. For HDR images, the before will be the normal exposure(0).

You might wonder what we did for this image processing. Well, everything started in the merging lab : Photomatix. The 3 exposures have been blend together using a light customized detail enhancer. 16bit tiff as a result.
Now Photoshop comes into play. We cloned out some sensor spots, undesired branches and the metal stuff on the tree in the left.
Nik Color Efext pro ( a wonderful plugin from the photographic company that simply does not care about the European customers, emailing them coupon codes that work only in US) is then a key step in the flow (it used to be Topaz Adjust, but Color Efex Pro is more flexible and more colour oriented). In Color Efex we applied the Detail extractor (to slightly pop the details) , Darken/Lighten Center (to lighten the boat), a bit of Glamour Glow in the sky and White Neutralizer for the blue of sky.
Final touch in Photoshop itself using layers and masks: Levels layer to pop the contrast and some colour adjustment layers for the colors of the sky and the red of the boat (Channel Mixer, Color Balance, Hue and Saturation and Vibrance).
All ended with some straightening, final cropping, watermark and image title.

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