Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beach houses - before and after

Move the mouse over the image to see the before (normal exposure)

This image is another before-after example. It was shoot while at Gilleleje, chasing the beautiful colors of sunset. For a second I turned my head to the beach and noticed the beautiful light that was reflecting in the windows of the small houses and the beautiful color in the sky. So having the camera on the tripod, it just required a turn and the 3 exposures were immediately captured.
The plan for the processing was to pop up the colors in the sky and to bring back the details from the shadows area.
Photomatix was producing an overly saturated image even with 50-60 on the saturation slider, so we had to move it down to about 40. Next step was Color Efex pro using Details Extractor filter (for details and contrast) and White neutralizer for the sky.
Final tweaks in Photoshop were doing the trick: slightly saturation of reds and yellows only for the colorful clouds and a Color Balance layer for the tint in the sky. Noise reduction was applied using Topaz Denoise on the sky. In the end, some of the unattractive sand has been cropped out.

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