Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Panning - bikes in Copenhagen

Some weeks ago we tried to shoot some panning. Nikon D7000 has great AF continuous mode so it was not that difficult to shoot some moving bikers. The difficulties were the low frequency of bikers in the Nyhavn area in a Sunday afternoon and the large amount of cars that were entering the frame. Funny topic, we will definitively try it again in the future.
The processing has been done with Topaz B&W effects, a great way of converting an image in monochrome or sepia. Majority of people are considering Nik Silver Efex as the leading in the market, but Topaz B&W is a very competent choice at a fraction of price(60$), so if you are looking for a good B&W Photoshop plugin, give it a try as it allows free trial for 30 days.



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