Friday, May 4, 2012

A sea of silence - before and after

Move the mouse over the image to see the before

This is another before and after post. It is an image that we took last evening in Tisvildeleje, again around sunset. The 15 minutes after the sun goes behind the horizon line are bringing beautiful colors in the sky. Combine this with a long exposure shot that makes the water silky, and you get an interesting image.
This time is not an HDR, but we still used two exppsures to get the final result. We used normal exposure (0EV) for the sky and and overexposed +2EV for the water. the reason for this is that, it is always so difficult to expose correctly both the sky around sunset and the foreground and because we also liked the silkier look of the water in the +2 EV exposure more.

So how we created this: we selected the water part from the over exposed the image and pasted on top of the normal exposed one. We used a gradient mask for a proper blending of the two parts and of course, the brush for finetuning the border. After that we brought it to Color Efex pro for a set of adjustment: pop the details on the stones and in the sy using Details extractor, even better blending using Gradient Neutral Density, White Neutralizer for cleaning up the colors and Sunlight filter to produce a warm and glow final look.


  1. Hello,
    Can you post where this beautiful photo was taken please?
    Thank you!
    Austin, Texas, USA

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    it was taken at Tisvildeleje, north of Sjælland, Denmark.