Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tivoli's Moorish Palace - Nimb Hotel

If you come to Copenhagen it is a must to visit Tivoli, the famous amusement park and garden, located in the heart of Copenhagen. Here one can admire Tivoli's Moorish Palace, Nimb Hotel, a beautiful piece of architecture. Actually, Nimb is a five-star hotel, designed and built in a Moorish-inspired Historicist style by the architect Knud Arne Petersen.
Its name comes from Wilhelm and Louise Nimb, the owners of restaurant dynasty in Copenhagen, who took care of the restaurant Divan 2 here in Tivoli.
The building has amazing details and it is full of lights during the night.

Tivoli's Moorish Palace

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  1. I didn't visit your blog for a while. I notice that I have missed a lot.
    Great series! My compliments!