Friday, June 8, 2012

Topaz photoFXlabs


Yesterday, Topaz Labs launched their long waited photoFXlabs. It is the hottest photographic product of the moment, with a huge potential of being an mandatory tool in any photographer work flow.
First of all, it gives you access to all the presets of all the Topaz Labs product. The ones that you own, you can alos apply to the image, the ones that you don't, are available only as preview. You can organize them by rating, product, name, etc. Pretty neat feature to avoid spending too much time digging into 8-9 different pluggins for your favourite preset. Topaz added also a layer way of working, having the blending modes of Photoshop. You can stack up various presets, use different blending modes and opacity between them and combine them in a nice way.
However what I find the most exciting feature is the InstaTone functionality. This gives you access to a large collection of images from, and even to any random image on the internet and you can apply the color scheme of it to your own image. Cool isn't it?
We will come back with more reviews in the next weeks. The promotional price of 29.99$ is a killer price to start with.

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