Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate

Political posters in Bucharest (1)
Too small for such a big umbrella

The quote of Frank McKinney Hubbard that we used as title express perfectly the struggle that we have all the time we face the voting task. Next weekend, there are local elections in Romania, so again, large amounts of money were spent (in vain) for big ugly and sometimes awkward posters. This post is a pamphlet to this event. For the people who are not familiar with Romanian political actors, we will give some explanation of each image .

First is Iri (Irinel Columbeanu). The tiny man wears a big umbrella, to protect Bucharest. And since he sizes a bit over 1 meter, he needs a crane to help him.

Political posters in Bucharest (2)
In the shadow of Coposu.

This image is a contrast between the today politician, Oprescu and the old days politician, Coposu. Oprescu, a former doctor and hospital manager, has, God knows why, decided to be the mayor of Bucharest some years ago. Now, he is trying the trick again.

Political posters in Bucharest (3)
From the crappers of politics

Gigi Becali cannot miss from any post about politics. This guy always candidates to anything (Presidency, Parliament, Euro Parliament, Mayor). He is simply just there, in the middle of the fights, never holding a chance, using his football club to build his political image and politics to build whatever he wants to build. He is placing religion as the governing force of his life but never miss a chance to lie and cheat.

Political posters in Bucharest (4)
Fat wooden leg

The scavenger of Bucharest, Prigoana, is now aiming to be a mayor. Quite weird considering that most of his company contracts are paid by the municipality. The wooden leg guy, has his poster, placed next to a stupid commercial of a clothing for children store, called Fat leg. Why the hell would you call a store for kids like this? The obvious thought is that it is a store selling clothing for obese people.

Political posters in Bucharest (5)
He is swearing he is honest

Funny placement of a political poster next to a church. We all know that church cannot be best friends of politicians, used with lie and corruption. Can he swear on the bible that he "tells the truth and nothing but the truth"?

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