Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Listed havn beach - 1

Listed havn beach

Last weekend we had a wonderful trip to Bornholm, the small island in Baltic sea, that belongs to Denmark. The target was to shoot some long exposure images on the rocky beaches of the island, with the newly acquired and famous Lee Big Stopper, the friend of all long exposure photographers. And this was as well the first chance of serious shooting using the dark square piece of glass. We started the trip at Listed Havn, after spotting a rocky beach with potential from the bus. And even in middle of a bright day, we achieved exposures between 30 and 90 seconds. This image marks also one of the first attempts to use Lightroom 4 for post processing. And although at the beginning it was a bit intimidating experience, it turned out that even if we miss the layers and masks from CS5, Lightroom is a strong tool for photographic editing.
More too come in the next days.

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