Sunday, October 14, 2012

Geometry in motion 3 - Duality

Geometry in motion 3 - Duality

Yesterday we had some pretty good shooting session with The Crystal, the new Nykredit building, designed by Schmidt-Hammer-Lassen Architects. Since I am working for Danske Bank, I should not praise that much the Nykredit office (you know, the corporatism rivalry blah blah), but I must admit, their buildings are sexier then ours.
So yesterday, in a very capricious weather, we left home, having The Crystal in mind. Sun, rain, rainbow, clouds, clear sky and clouds again: this was the rapid change of atmospheric conditions during a single hour. The wind was blowing strongly causing the clouds to march with high speed. Even in a 10 seconds exposure you could really see the movement. The Crystal with its rombical shape is offering perfect lines and reflective surfaces.
WE called this image duality as it shows two different textures inside the same shape.

Bellow is our first attempt of processing step by step, so you can get an inside of our processing workflow. To view it bigger, click on full screen. Also please note that you need to have a flash supporting browser, so it will not gonna work on some Apple products.

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