Sunday, April 28, 2013

A new beginning

There is a lot of time since we didn't wrote anything on this blog. The starting of silence coincided with the moment when we tried to level up our photography. And apparently we succeeded in that. There is still a lot of work on the way, and many levels to climb, but the pleasant feeling of enjoying and improving is present, is touchable and this is the most important. A lot of things happened since then, especially around our architecture photography project:

- Geometry in motion series was featured in foto4all magazine . It is always great to be published and to be seen by many people. There is another featuring on the way, for the same project, but this is a secret for now

- other pictures from the series were published in other magazines: stark magazine and canonikos

- our image "Eyes to see the world" was a winner at View Point Gallery International Feature Photographer competition. The print will be exposed at ViewPoint Gallery for the whole month of October. If it happens to be around, you can find the gallery at: 1272 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS   B3J 1Y5, Canada. And if you really like a lot the image, you can buy it at the end of
the exhibition

Geometry in motion 11 - Eyes to see the world

- our image "Study of light" was a Commended image at Sony International Photo Awards in Architecture category. This means a top 50 in its category, out of couple of thousand of images. Apartfrom the bitter disappointment to receive an email that the image is shortlisted (top 10 and holding chances to win the category), corrected next day with apologies from the organisers, this was quite a good achievements for a first participation

- we had 6 images selected in the "Best of CF" international photo salon, organised in Braila, Romania under the patronage of AAFR. One image, "Study of light", got a bronze medal while other two "Temptation" and "Urban colours" got honourable mentions

- "Study of light" will be part of the One collection 2012, a book published in fine art quality to bring a little hope to some poor children in Africa. The book is available for sale at Indiego. We are anxiously waiting for our Limited Edition copy with the feeling that when people work together with passion and dedication they can achieve great things. And people can also help not only kill, can also give not only take.

Study of light

To wrap up all of these, there were about 6 months full of photography , work but as well with the satisfaction of achievement. From now on we plan to be more active on this blog, to alternate the showcasing of our images with a channel of communicating about our experiences, opinions and to share our achievements
with you.