Monday, June 3, 2013

Den Nationale, Aalborg and some lack of sleep

A very long weekend has just finished last night. It involved a weekend trip to Aalborg, the forth largest city in Denmark, judging a photo contest and returning with some incidents back to Copenhagen. Aalborg was a hot guest for our trip, temperature being unexpectedly high for this parts of the world. The city itself is an industrial one, trying to raise its cultural identity. Or as very correctly stated on wikipedia: "in transition from a working-class industrial city to a knowledge-based one".

White ladder
White ladder

On Saturday, I was in the jury of Den Nationale, probably the most prestigious contest for the Danish Photography. I was in a jury of 3 people, in charge of picking up the winners of Colour Prints and Monochrome Digital categories. This meant seeing a total of 1700 images in 11 hours (my brain is still projecting some random images from time to time :-)). That was a very good experience, we saw some amazing images there, making our decision of choosing the medals very difficult. There were also some images (let me be polite and call them bellow average) that made me wonder what they are doing in a such a competition. Thanks to the 2 ladies Helene and Pia with whom I worked during the day in the judging process. I would say we were a functional jury, without fights and stubbornness (maybe the late hour helped as well and strong opinions have been replaced by pragmatic aproach and willingness to cooperate). And I can say I am very happy about the final winners. Very good organisation from Aalborg photo club too- thank you guys, well done.

Shape of smoke 2
Shape of smoke

Yesterday, not totally recovered from the day before, I started the day at 5:30am due to some pavement work near by the hotel. Honestly people, is Sunday 5:30am a good time to start paving a road? Arrived home after 11PM due to some problems with the airplane (issues with the breaks, made me very happy when the landing was over). Summing up, it was a great experience. Acting as a judge I can understand how difficult is to jury such a competition, when most of the time, you have only few seconds to make your mind about it and to award the points.

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