Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer is over (part 2)

DSC_0165 as Smart Object-1m Port de Sóller

Our virtual trip on the Island of Mallorca continues today with Port de Sóller, a very nice seaside resort and port of the town of Sóller. Port de Sóller is situated few kilometers away of Sóller, in one of the most beautiful Mallorcan's horseshoe harbours, on the coastline of Serra de Tramuntana. The town and the resort are connected by a 5-km long tram line since 1913, that runs along the beach-side road. It's a very quiet resort, having lots of restaurants & cafes and only two beaches, one at each end of the bay of Sóller (La Badia de Sóller).
Along the main beach, there are many seafront restaurants serving traditional or international dishes, usually for lunch and dinner. And many cafes for those who need to rest a bit or to hide when the sun is too strong. The perfect choice is a frozen coffee :)
Many seaside shops selling beach accessories and other things needed are opened all day long.

DSC02160 as Smart Object-Soller Port de Sóller

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Third prize, 6 honourable mentions and Guinness to celebrate

Yesterday it was a very important day for our photographic journey, a day when the long expected recognition arrived. International Photography Awards (or on short IPA) designated its winners. And surprise, surprise, we got a third prize for our image "Shape of smoke" in Architecture, Industrial category and 6 honourable mentions. 7 distinctions out of 9 images entered into competitions.
Considering that the list of winners and mentions is stuffed with amazingly talented photographers from all over the world, we feel that this is an extremely important achievement.

Shape of smokeShape of smoke - Third Prize Architecture, Industrial category, Non-Pro

Study of light 2Study of light 2 - Honorable mention Architecture, Buildings category, Non-Pro

Eyes to see the worldEyes to see the world - Honorable mention Architecture, Buildings category, Non-Pro

Study of lightStudy of light - Honorable mention Architecture, Buildings category, Non-Pro

White ladderWhite ladder - Honorable mention Architecture, Industrial category, Non-Pro

Victorian splendourVictorian splendour - Honorable mention Architecture, Historic category, Non-Pro

Ghost boat in a cold morningGhost boat in a cold morning - Honorable mention Fine art, Landscape, Non-Pro

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer holiday is (unfortunately) over

Long time no see dear's been quite a while since our last post. We all know it's not indicated to sit in front of a computer when the weather outside is beautiful. This summer was very busy for us. First, we had a guest here in Copenhagen, then we spent 2 weeks in Bucharest and finally: the real holiday in Mallorca, for 2 beautiful weeks. Mallorca, situated in Mediteranean Sea, is the largest island of Balearic archipelago, belonging to Spain. This island is a very popular holiday destination among British, German and Scandinavian tourists.

Is there anything you should know about Mallorca, before booking your flight and a hotel room? Of course, there are many things you have to keep in mind while planning your trip, especially if it will be in summer. Is not just about packing your stuff, it is also about doing your homework and research every detail of your trip. Not something that we did very well though :-). Research is the key of an extraordinary holiday.

Few details you can't miss:
1) The prices are higher than in extra-season
2) All the places in Mallorca are crowded in the summer time and I mean...really crowded.
3) It's really hot there
4) If you are a big fan of hiking and nature, be prepared to walk for miles
5) If you like English language more than German, than google for the resorts on the English-speaking side of the island (like, for example, Port de Pollenca, where we have stayed for 14 days)
6) There are so many beautiful places that cannot be reached by bus
7) If you are interested in a particular bus route, don't forget to check its timetable. You might have an unpleasant surprise if you don't do it
8) Avoid the taxi drivers, they will rip you off
9) Not always the best restaurants in tripadvisor are really good. We were disappointed by some of them
10) If you are looking for minimalist scenes...well, Mallorca and summer is not the proper combo

The first image in this post is a beautiful rural scene, very close to Port de Pollenca. We captured it at the end of an evening hike to Cala Boquer. Bales of hay, foggy mountains, was a bit of everything.

Mallorcan landscape -1-Rural sunset Rural sunset

The second image is...a minimalist one. (Only) two people on a beach is not something that you can see too often in Mallorca.

Ants in this worldAnts in this world