Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back from Berlin, storm and some precious medals

We came back from Berlin last night, and found a post apocalyptic Copenhagen: chaos in the airport, no train running in or out of Copenhagen, or locally, pieces of windows, wall bricks and other things laying on the streets, cars with broken windows
Today the city is slowly getting back to normal, cleaning the wound of what was the strongest storm in the last 10 years. I am not sure if it was worse than in UK or not, but it makes me realize how weak we are in front of the unleashed forces of nature.
Condolences to the family of people who died in Europe due to this storm.

On a positive note, this morning I just run into the People's Choice awards on P3X (not sure when they have been announced, I totally missed this one). And I had quite some very pleasant surprise:

Eyes to see the world got first place (gold award) in Fine art/Architecture and
Blue series got second place (silver award) in Nature/Landscape category

Lonely in a sea of dreamsLonely in a sea of dreams

More images from this series here

I am very honored and thanks a lot for all who have voted!
We will come back with more about Berlin, "normal" images and hopefully some fine art architecture in the near (and not-so-near future).

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