Friday, October 25, 2013

Mixed feelings

Some days ago, it was the big day of results for Black &White Spider Awards. I remember entering this in the beginning of the year and always puzzled why it needs so much time for judging the entries. But looking at the jury and seeing over thirty names, all directors and founders of galleries across the world, with the most known representing Tate Gallery in London and National Geographic, I was thinking that probably their schedule is really busy; so finding a window when they can all sit together and judge the whole thing might be really a tough job. The big day passed and I got the email mentioning that two images have been nominated in Architecture and Abstract category. Not bad at all. But then, few days later, all of the sudden, I got a link, from some fellow photographer , that all his thing is a big fraud and a scam, that most of the judges are not even aware they are listed on the jury page of Black &White Spider Awards; and the same stands for Photography Master Color Awards, a competition run by exactly the same people as Black &White Spider Awards. I felt for a moment that there is no honesty anymore in this world and all this happiness of getting awards and recognition is really in vain. Together with other photographers, all being awarded and nominated at this contest, I started do a bit of research. I found out that the meter is not black and not white, its somewhere in the middle, a grey. Ironically, just like a good black and white photograph. Some of the judges mentioned that they have not participated, other were involved and were disturbed to be asked this question? Disturbed by… what? It is a legitimate question, we participated in a contest, we invested money and hopes, and we might have got just a big farce in exchange.

We are heading to Berlin in a few hours. I can't sleep due to terrible coughing. I am waiting to find more truth when returning back home. I am living the ephemeral mixed feelings of a competition thats disappointed me for the real, touchable pleasure of photographing architecture.

Shape of smokeShape of smoke - Nominated Abstract category

Eyes to see the worldEyes to see the world - Nominated Atchietcure category

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